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pastor jacobs

Will you please be so kind to look for supporters in need of accomudation for 2010 in south africa. i am living in Johannesburg and can provide for 20 people to accomudate a bed and house in not far from all main staduims and airports.


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elue mark

I am a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria.I am a footballer and I play for a local club,jossy football academy.

Sir,I am an experienced player but I need an exposure to improve my football career.Sir,I want to play football to the highest level and my coach and my sponsor are ready to support me.

Sir,I kindly seek to travel with you,in order to gain exposure.All I need now is for you to invite me.

I am hoping to hear from you.Please contact me if you need more information.


Gabriel Lazarus

Looking forward to hanging out in Valencia!

Saul & Abbey Rasnick

I've got you logged in for August 11th. I'm very excited to spend some time with you at that time and also in Valencia.

Mark Nightingale

very tentative at the moment, but we're thinking of moving to glasgow around this time next year.......

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