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"Elizondo, by the way, is likely to be one of the candidates gunning for the final in Berlin."

if you are so familiar with the world cup and its rules, you should have known that it is highly unusual for a ref to call both the opening and closing games.


Its great how you said that you just forwarded to see how the Swiss scored. If that is all it takes to defend Horacio Elizondo as a decent referee, then heck why doesn't everyone else do the same? The point is, he has great eyes when a foul was committed by the Korean team. If one of the Swiss players were to touch the ball with their hands, the ref plainly did not see it happen. I thought "My Game is Fair Play" was supposed to apply to everyone, and not just the players.


the shevchenko penalty wasn't clear, having seen plenty of replays (i think we get more analysis of the games here than you do, particularly when the games are shown on bbc because there are no commercials). it seems that he was caught by the defender and that's why he ended up tripping over his own foot. however it wasn't particularly clear with certain angles suggesting there was no contact, but one suggesting that there was. this was one where even a video ref could have made the wrong call.

it is interesting how almost everyone picks on handball shouts (the one in question was a clear penalty), yet ignores the pushing and shirt pulling that goes on in the box, and immediately becomes apoplectic on the rare occasions that a ref sees fit to award a penalty for it. handball is evidently one of the fouls you can ward a direct free kick for which is "worth" a penalty!

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