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have an awesome time! I'm here in Germany now, but leaving after the end of this 1/8-final round. Make sure sure sure to get to the fanmille for a good game. It might even be more amazing than your game ticket, but probably not. Just catch the first train to Potsdammer or Unter or one of thos super-central stops. I was at the fanmille yesterday for the ass-whooping Germany delivered to Sweden, and holy crap it was off the hook. I promise I'll be posting pics and mediocre footage at some point, but probably not till I get back to a computer I can read. cheers, and I hope all is well!


i) try applying your reasoning with the larsson penalty to the penalty in the ghana v usa match. it was the same thing. some unnecessary contact/player embellishes/technically a foul/most refs wouldn't have given it but so what? i don't recall that one being a no-brainer. where's the consistency ref......

ii) heinze should have been given a red because (as the replays we were shown during our 15 min half time without commercials demonstrated) the other defender was much too far away to prevent a clear goalscoring opportunity. even the bbc experts agreed with me that it should have been a red card, and they always seem to be trying very hard to come up with reasons not to give cards.

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