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i don't think he blew for a foul against croatia at the end, but rather he blew the final whistle and then booked the bloke (for a third time) for mouthing off. the other possibilities are that it would have been an indirect free kick to the aussies or a free kick to croatia, and there was not ime left to take a free kick (a penalty of course being a different matter under the laws).

either way it was a bit of a nightmare for poll which could have been averted at almost every turn (the penalty calls, the offside goal and the three yellows snafu) by a video ref. i definitely think that it is the best way to deal with the offside issue:

i) benefit of the doubt to attacker (doesn't mean he gets all the close ones, but means if the asst is unsure he doesn't flag);
ii) if goal is scored and there was doubt asst ref doesn't signal a goal, but calls ref over;
iii) ref refers it to the video ref;
iv) video ref has the final say;
v) decision comes up on big screen in the stadium;
vi) since the clock stops when any decision is referred to the video ref no time is lost;
vii) since the clock is also shown on the big screen and our tv screens (and stops when the ref orders it rather like in hs soccer, but with greater efficiency!) we are all aware that we are not being deprived of action, but rather being gifted with a moment of drama as the decision is made. further this gives an opportunity for enlightened or otherwise explanation of the rules by the commentators!

if an offside call doesn't lead to a goal it is no big deal so we don't need to worry about it.

this surely has to be a better scheme than allowing what we as kids used to call goalhanging in our jumpers for goalposts, no offside kickarounds.

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