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Name calling is nothing more than mental cruelty. Our culture seems to be giving the okay for such abuse. Gitmo, political smears, sitcoms, legalizing the right to lie all seem to denigrate the individual. Freedom from Fear is no longer a right.

If you are aware of how North Africans are treated in France, you would understand why Zidane reacted the way he did.

Curious why you did not give the player a red card as it was unsportsman conduct?


i think fifa have it wrong. while refs should be dealing with foul and abusive language on the field (they didn't seem to during the world cup) i don't think that it is a good idea to deal with it retrospectively.

now every time someone loses their cool zidane style they will claim an opponent has offended them in some fashion, and there will be nedless he said, she said discussions in the press.

as a ref my attitude tended to be to deal with it when it was unwarranted. i don't know what was said to zidane, so i can't comment on how unwarranted that was, but in your example if the player was being a pussy i would allow it as fair comment.

and actually you rarely have to deal with players having a go at other players if you don't let them have a go at you. those inclined to be foul and abusive are sure to complain to you in derogatory terms (even if your performance is flawless) early in the game.

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