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'But as referees, we’ve all been there. Sometimes when it’s really close like that you can sell it as though it happened outside rather than inside the box. And that’s what Archundia did with little or no protest from either team.'

I can honestly say that I never gave a free kick outside the box when I thought I should have been giving a penalty. I don't understand why you would do that. If it was a foul there is absolutely no reason not to give the penalty. By not giving the penalty you are quite simply not doing your job.

Frankly that is typical of the way Archundia has operated in the last couple of matches. Referees like him are responsible for the inconsistencies which will bemuse us all one way or the other. the simplest way to avoid inconsistencies is clearly to stick with the laws. If the laws are wrong then we should change them rather than ignoring them.

In fairness to Archundia it wasn't clear that he knew it was inside the area, and ultimately he should have checked with his assistant if he was unsure. Perhaps he did, and perhaps neither was sure and thus they plumped for the easier call. That would be fair enough, but if he plain bottled it as you imply then he did the Germans a significant disservice.

Sure he could sell it that way, but why should he? His duty is to give the penalty.

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